Deleted Scenes and Alternate Versions

Deleted Scenes/Alternate Versions

~An alternate version of the ending in which Jesse has a nightmare about Rachel. In the theatrical version she screams and shatters into a million pieces. In the alternate version a giant snake jumps out of her mouth and jumps into Jesse's mouth choking him.

Scenes which were deleted from the film include:

~Rachel visiting her mother at the asylum and being frightened by one of the patients. She lies to her mother about having lots of friends and notices the words "King of Hell" written on a wall.

~Jesse joins his friends in a barbaric ritual in which he and his team-mates eat raw steaks just to show his friends that he's still one of the guys.

~An extended version of Rachel and Jesse's date in which Jesse teaches Rachel the fine art of bowling.

~A deleted scene which can only be seen in the commercials: Snue Snell has hallucinations featuring the silhouettes of girls running and screaming reminding her of the havoc she witnessed the night of the prom in the 1976 original.

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