Studio Photos

Studio Photos

Here you can see a lot of movie photos from The Rage: Carrie 2. Enjoy them!!!

Rachel, Mark, and Chuck
Emily Bergl Stars As Rachel

Mark, Eric, and Monica

Jesse and Rachel
Jesse and Tracy

Rachel Blanchard Stars As Monica
Jesse and Rachel

Rachel's Evil Grin
Jason London Stars As Jesse

Amy Irving Stars As Counseler Sue Snell
Lisa Commiting Suicide

Zachary Ty Bryan Stars As Eric
Charlotte Ayanna Stars As Tracy

Mena Suvari Stars As Lisa
J.Smith-Cameron Stars As Rachel's Mother Barbara

Rachel and Sue

Rachel With Her Dog Walter
Rachel, Monica, Emilyn, Mark, and Chuck

Jesse Getting Rachel Out of the Burning House
Sue Showing Rachel the Old High School Destroyed By Carrie White

Dylan Bruno Stars As Mark
Justin Urich Stars As Brad

Sue Trying To Comfort Rachel
Mark With A Spear Gun

Rachel & Sue At The Ruins Of The Old High School

Rachel With Her Dog Walter
The Guys

Barbara With A Snake Around Her Neck
Amy Irving and Director Katt Shea

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