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~Katt Shea was hired to direct The Rage: Carrie 2, after Robert Mandel quit because of creative differences. (courtesy of

~Sissy Spacek was offered a cameo for The Rage: Carrie 2, but turned it down. Although, she did give Katt Shea permission to use scenes from the original Carrie for flashback sequences in the film.
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~The name of the insane asylum in the film is "Arkham", a refrence to an asylum in the Batman comics.
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~ Rachel Blanchard (Monica) and Charlotte Ayanna (Tracy) were both born in 1976, the year the original "Carrie" was released. Also, Emily Bergl was born one year before "Carrie" was released.

Quotes from Cast and Filmmakers
~Sissy Spacek~:"It does floor me that all these years later, Carrie is so popular. I am eager to see what they have done.... I'll probably take my teen age daughter to go see it!"

~Emily Bergl (Rachel) : "When I was in high-school, I probably wished for those kinds of powers to get back at kids. Now she says, I'm chilled."

~Amy Irving (Sue Snell) : " I never thought there would be a sequel. But when I read the script, it made sense. I talked to Brian DePalma about it to get his blessing, and he thought it was a great idea!"

~Jason London (Jesse): "I'd use telekinetic powers in a fun way. Like, your'e in a middle of a speech in front of the whole school, and you make everyone's clothes disappear."

~Katt Shea (Director): "Rachel is not a victim like Carrie was."

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